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    Wearable belly protector for pregnant women.


    Ideas on visualization

    posted by risaHiyama on May 09, 2015
    So the pregnant lady which we interview said that sometimes she cannot sit on the train because young people are using smartphone and usually do not recognize the people who needs a seat. Therefore I thought of adding a LED to the shoe so it more obvious. 
    Also i thought of a parachute style dress where when baby kicks it makes a baby laugh sound and the skirt flowing up. 

    However, we received a feedback from the lady that it will attract to many people on the train and they might be harmful. Apparently there are many crimes lately of ladies being harmful to pregnant ladies from jealousy.   

    So we have to think of something more subtle. 

    This is the result of our interview.
    1. Its hard to see if the babies are doing well during the middle stage pregnancy
    You dont get to go and check out the at the hospital too often too. 
    2. Its hard to know what shape the babies are in during the final stage. Especially when babies are in opposite position. Not sure if the exercise is helpful. 
    3. Cant sit down on the train. Therefore want to know where there are vacant seat. Want the sitting people to realize and share the seat. 
    4. Want to know how other moms are doing. Apatite, size of the baby. 

    The apps that the mother is using. 
    1. Maternity photo 
    2. Hukuramu onaka 
    3. My pregnancy sends the average baby growth and updates.

    Feedback on the idea.
    Is kicking really sensible?
    Hearing voice from a 3rd person is cool.
    LED might be enjoyable for the dad.
    Can experience the kick of the baby.
    The belly protector has to be really thin or else its too heavy.

    Idea from there . Think of a maternity mark. Projection mapping on the stomach.