Proposal of a modern tea ceremony

Created Date: 2017-07-17/ updated date: 2017-07-17
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    Since I learned Fabrication this semester, I have started thinking about Fab is a proposal of lifestyle.
    I am going to propose a modern tea ceremony. (But it's truly traditional !!)





          • Japanese tea ceremony utensils are very expensive. I think it's a reason of aging of the tea ceremony.
            About 500 years ago(Age of Sen no Rikyu, is considered the historical figure with the most profound influence on tea ceremony), tea masters made tea ceremony utensils theirselves. 

            • Utensils of tea ceremony are too expensive for young people enjoy it.
            • We can make utensils along our own aesthetic sense like ancient tea masters with technology. It is inexpensive and truly traditional.
          • Pots(風炉) are used to put hot water to make tea.

            • It takes 44 hours to print with SFC media center 3D printer(MakerBot MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation), so I designed and modeled again.
            • The main body of pot and the upper part are separated to reduce support.
              But the main part takes 30 hours to print with SFC media center 3D printer.
            • I only made the lid and the pot was bought in Daiso.
              we can substitute an inexpensive commodity for tea ceremony utensil.
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