YOSEGI (Assignment1)

Created Date: 2017-04-10/ updated date: 2017-04-17
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    YOSEGI is a type of parquetry. The mosaic work is made by making use of natural grains and textures of wood. It is famous as a traditional craft of Hakone, Kanagawa prefecture.
    First image is beautiful yosegi products.
    Second image is most simple pattern, ICHIMATSU. It is a model of emblem of Tokyo Olympics 2020. The pattern is also known as checker.
    Third image is KAGOME. It works as Amulet. The pattern is also known as hexagram.
    Fourth image is also KAGOME. Same pattern, but different version.
    Fifth image is SHIPPO. The pattern is a symbol of wealth.
    Sixth image is ASANOHA. It is a symbol of wish for children's healthy growth.
    They are my favorite patterns of YOSEGI.