【Scratch】Method to make a new block

Created Date: 2017-11-22/ updated date: 2017-11-22
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    In visual programming language Scratch, the utilization in the educational front is expected by visual plainness and manageability. Other than the online version (Scratch2.0) and an off-line version (Scratch1.4), there is a much derivation version. This is because there are the cause of the limitation that I do not use the name called Scratch for only for an off-line version in the background, the thought that you may rearrange freely. Here, I introduce a method to make a new block using Scratch1.4.





          • The licenses of Scratch are as follows.

            • 1.Do not use the name called "Scratch" for the thing which you made (except "Based on Scratch from the MIT Media Laboratory")
              2.Do not use logo mark of Scratch and the character of the cat for the thing which you made
              3.Do not implement a function to upload a project in the site of Scratch

            • 4.Include copyright indication and a license of Scratch in the thing which you made
              5.Show the source code that you made

            • Please download "Scratch 1.4 " from the following site.


            • Please download "Scratch Source 1.4 Zip" from the following site.

            • Please open ”MacScratch1.4.dmg” from the downloading folder of the PC, and drag & drop in Applications.
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