Created Date: 2017-05-08/ updated date: 2017-06-12
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    Yosegi by hideodaikoku is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.
    A mildly political statement through a Yosegi cut out of a camera in the era of voyeurism.





          • 1984 is a dystopian book about our voyeuristic future. We are constantly watched or watch each other's personal lives. In this day and age protecting our privacy is important. Maybe it was better when we used film cameras and could still protect our privacy.
            • Light leaks in what is now vintage canon film cameras always produced fascinating results. I used this as inspiration for my project's shape. 
              • I used Adobe Illustrator's Shape building tool to divide the final outcome I wanted into smaller components.
                I was ultimately going to cut it using a laser cutter so I colored the lines that were to be cut with red and regions that were to be engraved using black.
                • Since I was using three different colors and kinds of wood, I had to make three different adobe illustrator files. I tried not to make parts that were close together of the same color.

                  • I used a Trotec laser cutter at the Zeta lab, to cut my material.
                    Power: 85
                    Speed: 0.6

                    Power: 10
                    Speed: 20

                    I used teak, mahogany and cherry.
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