making CNC router

Created Date: 2018-10-30/ updated date: 2019-01-21
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    Making a CNC2417 kit. Assembling and control the CNC by GCode sender(now selecting).
    Now planning Linking the CNC to Internet( IoT) By Raspberry pi. Details will be attached later soon..





          • Open the box

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            But there is no instruction to assemble or control in the box...orz

            Then I found some instructions as following...



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            • To update grbl v0.8 >> v1.1 on CNC2417 laseraxe board

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              Download .zip file and extruct grbl folder into arduino's libraries folder


              But this update makes Grbl conntroller obsolete.
              • Setup bCNC as Gcode Sender on raspberry pi

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                I finally chose bCNC as Gcode Sender to operate CNC2417 on raspberry pi.

                Reference as following...

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                • Updating CNC2417's CPU for genuine arduino nano

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                  For stabilization of communication with PC, I updated  CNC2417's CPU for genuine  arduino  nano.

                  Grbl platform is grblv1.1-laseraxe as same.
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                  Add Card Order



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                      Cutting a lure

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                      Result of Cutting a lure w/ grblControl(Candle)
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                      Cutting 120x120 MDF plate for barrel polishing machine

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                      Cutting MDF plate by  CNC2417 w/bCNC(On Raspberry pi)
                      • Small toolpass aston martin
                      • Small aston martin v4
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                      Cutting aston martin logo

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                      Cutting acrylic aston martin logo by CNC2417 w/bCNC(On Raspberry pi) Toolpasses is made by Fusion360 CAM function. First try was defective because of outline toolpass speed setting. The speed was too high so End mill became to hot during outline cutting.  
                      • Small toolpass porsche
                      • Small porsche logo v5

                      Cutting porsche logo

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                      Cutting acrylic porsche logo by CNC2417 w/bCNC(On Raspberry pi). Toolpass is made by Fusion360 CAM function.
                      • Small toolpass triumph
                      • Small triumph logo v2
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                      Cutting triumph logo

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                      Cutting vinyl chloride triumph logo by CNC2417 w/bCNC(On Raspberry pi) Toolpasses is made by Fusion360 CAM function.
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