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Created Date: 2015-06-22/ updated date: 2018-03-13
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    I used pineapple as a motif and designed a lamp shade. The lamp shade will be displayed at Keio University digital fabrication gallery from 2015-2017. keyword: digital fabrication PRESS:





          • Why I chose Pineapple <3

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            Pineapple : 
            Ripened to yellow-gold,
            Pointy fellow,
            Interesting pattern ... 
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            • Sketch

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              Sketches of the inside and outside of the lampshade. 
              Did origami prototyping. 
              pattern : water bom 
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              • Form study

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                After doing some studies on the pine apple I found the mathematical pattern. 

                Will investigate the possibility of using waffle pattern. 
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                • Designing module unites on rhino

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                  First I designed algorithm using grass hoper and then calculated the joints using rhino ( a 3D modeling tool ). Then printed out the 1/5 size model using laser cutter
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                  • Selecting Material

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                    Since its a lamp shade, the material has to be soft and safe even when it is falling down. Also it needs to be beautiful as a lamp. Therefore I found a thinner, clearer material which is tracing paper. Bought it at TAKEO. 
                    44*88cm Kurashiko Trasing Paper
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                    • Inside structure

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                      The inside resembles the shape of cut pineapples. 

                      I used MDF for the material because it's has low risk of catching fire. I made sure to leave some space from the light to release the heat.

                      My first prototype made a gap between the lights so I made slight adjustments. 

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                      • Get ready to laser cut the parts

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                        I converted the rhino data into illustrator data and cut the tracing paper into 45*60cm so it will fit into the laser cutter
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                        • Putting it together...

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                          There s 218 intersection... I would take at least 5 hours to weave all the parts together :D This may cause back pain... I used clear tape to loosely construct the whole thing and used hot glue gun to finalize the shape
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                            • Pineapple Lamp Shade

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                              This golden lampshade will lighten up your room for sure. Please feel free to contact me if you have problem remaking this!
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