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Created Date: 2015-05-21/ updated date: 2018-03-13
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    This page explains the group function of Fabble. We will show how the function works and how you can use them for schools, labs, workshops or at hackathons. For a further detail of each function, please visit the tutorial page ( ).





          • The group function is convenient whenever you work on a project with multiple members. For the basic use of this function, try reading the "About Groups" article on Fabble Tutorial.
            • One of the unique features of Fabble is the project management function that allows users to edit projects with multiple users.
              There are two ways to do this, and they both have different advantages.
              One is the group function, and the other is the collaborator function.

            • The group function is useful when - you are planning to create several projects with certain members - you want to make a project as a group - you want to make a list of outcomes for a temporal gathering
            • The collaborator function is useful for a one-time-project. When you are assigned as a collaborator of a project, the project will be shown in the "Collaboration" tab of your personal page.
            • Groups can be a creator of projects as well as collaborators. When you add a group as a collaborator, the project will be shown in the list of projects in the group page. With this function, it will be easier to manage projects in classes, labs, and workshops.
          • In this chapter, we will show an example of how group function can be used in classes.
            • Before starting your lessons, make a group for your class (making separate groups each year may be even more convenient in some cases). Add the lecturer and the assistants as members. The projects that were made within the class will be listed in the "Collaborator" tab for the group page.
            • By uploading the assignments to Fabble, progress and the process of the projects will be viewable. To view your assignments separately, you can add a name of the assignment as a tag to distinguish them.
            • By visiting the past projects that are assigned to the group, students can see the works that were done by the students from the past classes. They should help the students on deciding what to do, making the project more interesting, or solving the problems they came across.
            • Making slides for your presentation is important, but if you write you recipes properly, Fabble will help you with the presentations! Click the "Project Slideshow" button, located at the right of project recipe page, to start your slideshow.
          • In this chapter, we will show an example of how group function can be used in labs.
            • In labs, sometimes your project might be confidential. In those cases, set your project to "Private" and make it invisible except for the owner and the collaborators. After the project is presented, you can share the details of your project that you did not describe in your presentations or papers
            • After adding your members to the lab group, private projects that the lab group is joining as an owner or collaborator will become visible.
            • Use the Recipe and Memo for progress report in your lab. By writing your progress up-to-date on the Recipe, your research methods are open for anyone to discuss over.
            • On the other hand, the Memo can be use to take notes and write any decision you've made during your research process, which will also help others to catch up on your research.
            • Recipes that include enough detail to ensure duplicability of the experiments and research and Memos that features the everyday decisions that each member made will raise the value of the projects same as research paper and video do. Detailed recipes are valuable to the successors of the lab as well
          • In this chapter, we will show an example of how group function can be used by workshop and hackathon organizers. For how participants can use Fabble, please visit the tutorial page ( ).
            • Create an admin group of organizers before the event. By adding this group as a collaborator to each of the projects within the event, the organizers can list and see all the projects that were formed during the event.
            • When you are running a series of workshops or hackathons, there are times when you want to see the outcomes of the each event separately. Creating and adding tags for each of the events will help you organize the outcomes of your event and also creates list for each of the event.
            • Prepare a cameraman and take photos of the process and the final product of the event, and share them to the participants. The participants should be difficult to write the docs of the work within the limited time. It is effective to urge the participants to write their Recipes by sharing the photos
            • After the event is over, there are times when you want to share the outcome of the event. Share the link of Fabble with a word of description. You will be able to share the projects from the participants view.
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