HiLo Clothes Dryer

Created Date: 2015-06-06/ updated date: 2015-06-22
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Inspired by a great hanging dryer, but put off by high cost and long distance shipping, I decided to make
my own, low-budget version. There are components that could be higher quality, and prices are indicative
only - it depends what your local suppliers have available for you. I got most of the components from
Bunnings and Pete’s Emporium in Porirua (NZ).
I also decided to do something Low Tech instead of designing with digital fabrication in mind. Some simple tools and you're away with this project.
Take as much time as you want to. I made this over two weekends, not rushing, and in between other activities. But I don’t have to tidy up if I don’t feel like it...
All measurements are in millimetres unless otherwise stated. All attempts have been made to keep
jargon to a minimum. ‘Usual’ in New Zealand may not be ‘usual’ globally. Do everything safely. The instruction pages are in the Memo section, not the Recipe section.





        • - handsaw: I use a dozuki japanese saw but a panel saw will also work
          - battery drill
          - 25mm forstener bit, or spade bit
          - a flat/slot screwdriver
          - 3mm + 8.5mm drill bits
          - a driver bit for the screws (I prefer multi or square drives)
          - a miniature blowtorch or a lighter
          - tape measure
          • - 5 broom handles, 25mm dia x 1350mm long
            - 2 lengths of plywood, 18mm x 60mm x 1750mm
            - 5 screw eyes, for your rope to thread thru
            - 2 screw hooks to hold the pulleys
            - 1 cleat hook with screws
            - 1 40mm single pulley
            - 1 40mm double pulley
            - 6 S/S screws
            - 10 metres rope
            - sandpaper 150grit/240grit/320grit
            • The ones that I got are made from Southern Beech, so are a nice hardwood. They are cheaper than getting dowels in that size, and most dowels in NZ are made from pine anyway, so not as sturdy.
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