Realizing Ideas with MESH / MESH Design Pattern Cards

Created Date: 2018-04-25/ updated date: 2018-05-04
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    As one way of realizing ideas using technology, we will explain how to use Sony's MESH. As objects are connected to sensors, it has become possible to realize ideas in ways that have not been possible. Here, we will explain how to use “MESH Design Pattern Cards” for brainstorming ideas.
    【The aim of this recipe】
    1. Learn the basics of MESH and become able to use it.
    2. Become able to brainstorm ideas with MESH Design Pattern Cards.





          • The electronic blocks that have various functions are called MESH tags and can be connected to the MESH application on a smart phone or tablet to realize what "we wished we had".
            • The MESH tags are activated by connecting them to each other or connecting their functions together through the application. Please refer to the MESH Startup Guide for more detailed information.
            • You can activate the tags by connecting them to each other without specialized knowledge about electronics and programming. By easily connecting various services with devices, it is possible to realize IoT (Internet of Things).
            • If you are wondering what can be made with MESH and would like to try it out, watch the video and try to make a “Talking Cup”.
          • Which MESH would be most effective for solving problems? Let’s use the MESH Design Pattern Cards and begin training. 

            The images used for this section are from MESH’s official blog.

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