Light-Shade summary 2016

Created Date: 2017-02-07/ updated date: 2017-02-07
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    In recent two years, various versions have been developed as shown in the attached list. この二年ほどの間に生み出した様々なタイプのライトシェードを一覧表に示す。 The basic construction of the series should have been “Dodecahedron” and its simplest expression was reviewed in #00. もともと「正十二面体」構造を基本にしてきたが、#00で最もシンプルな表現を見直してみた。 #31 and #41 were developed to explore another world of “Semi-regular polyhedron”. They are constructed with two different types of triangular piece, and there seems to be an extra enjoyment of color combination. #31と#41は「半正多面体」という分野にあらたに踏み込んでみたもので、二種類の三角形ピースを組み合わせているので、色の組み合わせも楽しむことができそう。