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          • This project is about making an Android controlled racing car using L298N dual H Bridge and a motor. The L298N is controlled via an Arduino UNO and a HC-06 Bluetooth module by Android application Cxem CAR.  
            • List of components:
              - 4-wheel drive chassis car
              - 1 Arduino Uno board
              - 1 HC-06 Bluetooth module
              - 1 L298N motor driver
              - 1.5 x 4 batteries
              - 1 DC motor
            • The commands (ASCII) are transmitted from an Android application to the Bluetooth module by Bluetooth connection. The Arduino checks those commands with its previously defined commands and controls the DC motor to cause the car to move.
          • To create an Android controlled racing car, there are 5 steps:
            - Drawing a circuit diagram
            - Preparing components
            - Assembling
            - Programing
            - Installing Android application
            • The input is Android application and the output is the DC motor. On the car platform, I placed 1.5V x 4 batteries to power the motor and L298N driver, and used another 5V battery to supply electricity for Arduino. 
            • - Assembled the 4-wheel drive chassis kit 
              - Widened the main board of the car using laser cutter 
              - Soldered the motor to connect it with the L298N module
              - Connected all components using wires 

              [AI] Board
            • Note: Since the Bluetooth module is connected to the RX and TX pins of the Arduino, the module should be removed while uploading the code from the PC to the Arduino. The module should be connected once the upload is complete.
              Arduino code
            • Cxem CAR is an Android app for >3.0 version devices. The application contains several activity. Main activity is a home screen with buttons running different operating modes (from accelerometer, screen buttons and touch-control) and settings. 

          • The initial idea is causing the car to turn left/right, move forward/backward. However, due to the surface of main board, there is only 1 DC motor so it can only move backward/forward. 

            In the future, I'd like to develop this project towards VR game by using camera sensors. 
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