Wooden Puzzle Clock

Created Date: 2017-07-16/ updated date: 2017-07-16
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    As a summary of what Experience and Engagement means with respect to FabLife, I decided to make something that I would use every day but would also stand as a metaphor for me to respect each time I used it. I am a habitual late riser and always need something to remind me what time it is, so it was only natural that I make a clock for my final project. I tried to apply the concepts I learned from the Kumiki puzzle project to make it difficult to open to clock and turn off the alarm. In doing so, it would be difficult to go back to sleep after spending so much effort trying to turn the alarm off! The puzzle is very simple and only requires two steps, but it also features a plant on the top to symbolize the circle of life, and thus the circle of time that we live in. Plants grow, and when they die they are used to make wooden products such as the clock I made. When the wood disintegrates, it becomes nourishment for the soil to help grow more trees.





          • Plywood

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            Initially I went and bought a lot of different kinds of wood from Tokyu Hands including Poplar, Teak, Cinnamon and Mahogany but in my first attempt to make the project, they all broke so I had to use the wood provided by the media center.
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            • Designing

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              Designing the puzzle actually took a lot of time. I drew out each face on pieces of paper to check if it would work or not. I realized that even the simplest of puzzles take a lot of thinking to make. 
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              • Setting the correct power and speed

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                In order to cut the material perfectly, I had to use a power of 90 and speed of 0.6
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                • Laser Cutting

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                  The whole cutting process was smooth,  but little did I know, my design had a fatal flaw!
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                  • Mistake: Gaps in the Box!

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                    I did not measure the locking mechanism of the box correctly, which meant I had to redesign and re-cut the box.
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                    • Redesigning

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                      I had to think of a new locking mechanism which could still use some of the old parts. 
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                      • Gluing the parts together

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                        I used super-glue to stick the sides together, being careful not to spill over and also not to join the sliding parts.
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                        • Using A Broken Clock

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                          I found an old broken clock at home, so I decided to use it's parts to make the mechanical part of my clock. It turns out one of its gears was stuck, so all I had to do was loosen it, and voila! Up and running!
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                          • Fixing the locking mechanism

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                            The locking mechanism had to be fixed after the clock parts, so I had to be super careful in assembling everything
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                            • Fixing the clock hands

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                              I took the clock hands and fixed them onto the front face. Because of the thickness of the box, I had to add an additional part to the clock mechanism to make everything i fit perfectly.
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