P2 - New Money for a New World

Created Date: 2019-10-21/ updated date: 2019-10-21
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With lots of new currencies being developed and new future cities becoming more and more international, we might need to start using a new international currency. We wanted to try making our own currency and design the coins that people will use. We imagined setting up a new city on the moon and had to make money using things that are on the moon.





        • We tried making lots of different types of currency. Here are the different ones we made.
          • How we came up with the  idea: 
            • Star-shaped money is difficult to make, but we can get iron easily. In space money needs to be difficult to get. We think star will be good but it will be pointy so will add a circle so that it won’t hurt. We think it would be the perfect money.

          • Materials for Sphere Star:
            Marble+rock. Aluminum foil on the top because it will make the object shiny, and a yellow star for the base. We will make it on Tinkercad.
          • The minimum value is 2. We came up with the idea because even when people are working hard and if they cant have much money then it is unfair.
            Usually in the moon we have stars  So we put the star on top of the coin.
          • It is made of crystals. We chose this design with crystals because we like crystals and the name is STAR CRYSTAL COIN.
        • We had some mistakes with our prototypes, but we fixed them and made our designs better.
            1. The M and H were not on the star
            2. The ring and the star were not connected and it is pointy
            3. The M is missing on the coin
            1. It was too pointy
            2. The circle was too big
            3. The size was OK and it was not pointy
            1. The first coins had no numbers on them
            2. The second coin was too small and melted on the 3D printer
            1. One of the crystals was missing
            2. The coin was too small and melted on the 3D printer
            3. The coin was a good size but the crystals were too low down
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