Solar Cooker

Created Date: 2015-06-15/ updated date: 2015-07-04
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    Solar Cooker by vayogesh is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.
    A solar cooker is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurize food or drink. Because they use no fuel and cost nothing to operate, many nonprofit organizations are promoting their use worldwide in order to help reduce fuel costs (especially where monetary reciprocity is low) and air pollution, and to slow down the deforestation and desertification caused by gathering firewood for cooking.
    This is made up of cardboard and Al foil shaped to reflect maximum sunlight onto a black cooking pot that converts sunlight into thermal (heat) energy. A heat-resistant bag surrounds the pot, acting like a greenhouse. It weighs half a kilogram and folds to the size of a big book for easy transport.