Transmart miniascape

Created Date: 2014-11-20/ updated date: 2018-03-13
Owner & Collaborators
Transmart miniascape is an art installation for displaying volumetric images that blends in with ambient surroundings. This piece consists of 8 transparent glasses arranged in layers at regular intervals. The work is installed in a well-lighted area, especially under the sun. Technically, this system is a non-luminescent volumetric display that etches the shapes of volumetric images in 8 x 8 x 8 pixels on the sets of glass. In this work, varieties of sceneries like a miniature garden appear. To be more exact, a volumetric animation expressing a cycle of the seasons is repeated. Owing to the high transparency of the glass, audiences can also see the actual scale of natural sceneries through the miniature garden. Furthermore, this work changes its appearances according to ambient light conditions even if we play the same animation. For example, the pixel contrast changes according to climate conditions. If it is dusk, the pixels develop orange contrasts to the sunset.