NCS Microphone (100 yen smartphone headset ver.)

Created Date: 2016-07-08/ updated date: 2016-10-20
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This document instructs how to build "NCS Microphone" using a headset for smartphone.
The headset is commercially available JUST 100 YEN.
It will take 10-20min, WITHOUT ANY SOLDERING.
Only 3d printed parts and a headset is needed to make it.

NCS Microphone is a part of Self-Build Microphone Project Series "Spear Microphone Project".
See details at the project's website.

NCS Microphone Project


Making NCS Microphone (100 yen smartphone headset ver.) and Fieldrecording Workshop was held at Hoshiniwa, Yaba-kei, Oita, JP. With 9 perticipants, Jul 2016.
This workshop is supported by FabLab Yamaguchi.


[ SAMPLE FILE (recorded with this Microphone) ]

Bishanohana NCSM100Y 2016