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  • Small techtile toolkit ver2 s
    This is the making of TECHTILE toolkit with currently available actuator from Tactile Labs Inc.
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    since 1646 days ago
  • Small           2014 11 20 19.32.04
    “TECHTILE” is a fundamental concept by combining “TECHnology” with “tacTILE” perception/expression. The TECHTILE project was launched in 2007, and the committee has been hosted public exhibitions o...
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    since 1556 days ago
  • Small ncs microphone100y 2
    This document instructs how to build "NCS Microphone" using a headset for smartphone. The headset is commercially available JUST 100 YEN. It will take 10-20min, WITHOUT ANY SOLDERING. O...
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    since 961 days ago
  • Small ncs microphone
    This document instructs how to build "NCS Microphone". NCS Microphone is a part of Self-Build Microphone Project Series "Spear Microphone Project". See details at the project...
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    since 959 days ago
  • Small 41723
    Yosegi Coaster with thermometer included inside. If your desk is full with coasters, glasses and thermometer, this is you solution! This Yosegi Coas-thermometer replaces them all! It just needs sin...
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    since 586 days ago
  • Small pa240145
    自分の声に残響がつけられるエコーマイクを作ってみましょう! 電気は一切必要なし。ただ針金を巻いてバネを作り、筒の中で伸ばして、紙コップで蓋をするだけ。これだけの仕組みで簡単に残響音を付けることができます。
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    since 164 days ago
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