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  • Small           2014 11 20 20.15.35
    ARForce is a novel force vector sensor for various applications of augmented reality. ARForce enables users to measure the 3D position of markers as well as also the distribution of force vectors t...
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  • Small img 1961
    山口情報芸術センター[YCAM]のプロジェクト「YAMA KITCHEN」のワークショップのために、山口県産の小麦粉を使ったクレープのレシピを開発しました。 3Dプリンタで出力したオリジナルの計量カップを使うことで、どなたでもおいしいクレープをつくることができます。
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  • Small hero
    Inspired by a great hanging dryer, but put off by high cost and long distance shipping, I decided to make my own, low-budget version. There are components that could be higher quality, and prices...
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  • Small wood plastic enigma
    This is originally an enigma block puzzle by Woody Style. With the measurements of each block, I designed 3 block pieces using Fusion360, and cut out several layers of wood with the laser cutter.
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  • Small screen shot 2017 06 05 at 4.51.09 pm
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  • Small img 20170716 175435941 2
    As a summary of what Experience and Engagement means with respect to FabLife, I decided to make something that I would use every day but would also stand as a metaphor for me to respect each time I...
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  • Small dsc 0722        2
    3Dプリンタを使って、新しい形のパスタメジャーを作りました。 家族の4人それぞれに、ちょうどいい量のパスタを量り取れます。
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  • Mqdefault
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  • Small 20180708 200105
    For my final project, I am creating an artwork using a 3D printer and a laser cutter. The artwork is a box consisted of four transparent acrylic panels with one opening. One panel has an image ca...
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