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    It is a kind of tripod to install on aircraft,It can install on four axis aircraft,helicopter or remote plane.User can use APP to control camera angle
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    OLYMPUS AIR A01 make photography more easy and interesting. Different from the camera inside the cellphone, A01 can make the photo’s quality higher. My goal is to create an equipment, make the...
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  • Small img 3393
    I use “123D Design” and “laser cutter” to make this equipment. I want to “hang the lens everywhere”. When I was wandering in the park, I got an idea. I thought that it is interesting to take ...
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    It's the thing that you can put the camera shot in this thing , then tie on the tree or something you want to tie. Why I want to make this thing? One day, my friend took a photograph which is a b...
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  • Small 20160114 ocot print
    OctoPrint は、Contoller for RepRap 3D Printer. This can be run on Raspberry Pi 2B.
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    since 975 days ago
  • Small img 1177
    It's for Olympus A01 camera accessories, my purpose is going to put the camera on dog Collars, when is fix camera on dog's neck and turn it on, it can start to record the day of your dog! when yo...
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  • Small rpi2b
  • Small 18362078 1597664726941245 579472576 o
    A mildly political statement through a Yosegi cut out of a camera in the era of voyeurism.
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  • Small screen shot 2017 07 17 at 11.39.17
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