OLYMPUS A01-start a different view-by laser cutter

Created Date: 2016-10-29/ updated date: 2018-03-13
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    I use “123D Design” and “laser cutter” to make this equipment. I want to “hang the lens everywhere”.
    When I was wandering in the park, I got an idea.
    I thought that it is interesting to take the photos or shoot a short film from high trees.
    But I couldn’t sent camera up there and took the pictures of myself simultaneously.
    Olympus A01 lens connect the cellphone by Wi-Fi. So I can move as far as I want. (Maybe less than 10 meter is better.)
    The shape of this equipment was inspired from pinecone. Let start to make a “pinecone”. P.S.
    123D Design can build the 3D model easily, but it’s a little bit hard to “make things in 2D (save the file by line only)”. So, I recommend everyone use 123D design to build model and turn the 3D model to “123D maker” to make slices.
    (In this tutorial I only use 123D design to make my object.)





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