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    “TECHTILE” is a fundamental concept by combining “TECHnology” with “tacTILE” perception/expression. The TECHTILE project was launched in 2007, and the committee has been hosted public exhibitions o...
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    このロボットは映像型ロボットのコネクトロボットです。 病欠や不登校など,学校に行きたくても行くことができない理由を持つ生徒児童が数多くいることが日本の教育問題にあげられる。そこで,学校の外から学校の「場」に参加できる方法があればいいのではないか,という着想を下に,MugBotに映像機能を組み込むことで,喋る能力と撮影する能力の二つから,ロボットが生徒児童の学校生活を豊かになり得ると考え開発...
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  • This page introduces effective Fabble for short-term team projects such as workshops and hackathons. Note that this is an example of possible usage of Fabble. 1. The documentation of the process an...
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    This project documents the development of an interactive art installation using Processing and computer vision, video projection and a fresnel lens sculpture to envision the life of a cyborg in...
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    It's for Olympus A01 camera accessories, my purpose is going to put the camera on dog Collars, when is fix camera on dog's neck and turn it on, it can start to record the day of your dog! when yo...
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