Bhutan Makerthon : Mr. Pema Chhogyel-Smart Cane

Created Date: 2024-02-11/ updated date: 2024-02-16
Owner & Collaborators
The event aimed to address challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, particularly focusing on enhancing mobility and independence for visually impaired individuals. The team collaborated with the sight-impaired Mr. Pema Chhogyel, who works with "policy, education, advocacy and different programs for person with disabilities in Bhutan." He wants to use a sensor-equipped smart cane capable of identifying obstacles along the walking path.





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          • The smart cane project provides visually impaired individuals with a reliable mobility aid featuring obstacle detection.The project promotes independence and accessibility, aligning with efforts to create inclusive spaces for all members of society.

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          • No.003wheregoalPosted date: 2024-06-03
            The event's focus on enhancing mobility and independence for visually impaired individuals is truly inspiring. Page: slice masters