Bhutan Makerthon : Mr. Pema Chhogyel- Tactile Learning Mater

Created Date: 2024-02-11/ updated date: 2024-02-16
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Day 1.
We started the session by introducing among ourselves. We got to know about each other, their backgrounds and profession, as well as strength and weakness so that we will be able to assign better and appropriate role for each individuals.
After that, roles were assigned and then we moved on to our topic of concern.
We discussed about how to go on about our project and we have come up with 2 main ideas.
The first idea to be carried out is to build a map of Bhutan, which can be felt by people living with visual impairment. With this map, all individuals living with visual impairment will be able to better understand the twenty districts of Bhutan and know its location.
The second idea, is to build a more detailed map of the capital city (Thimphu). In this map, there will be numerous landmarks, such as Dzongs also known as fortress, rivers, roads, mountains etc.
With this idea in mind, we have come to close our first day of building a more inclusive, tactile map.





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