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            • At the age of 4, she was diagnosed with polio-like paralysis. When moving, she used a  brace on her left lower leg and a Lofstrand cane with both hands.  On stairs, hold a cane in one hand and support the railing in the other.
              She studied art at a high art school in Nantes, France.

            • -slipping on wet floors
              ・Leave it with a caregiver on the stairs
              ・Having trouble finding a place to put it
              ・Rod slips on wet pool floor
              ・Rods sink into the sand at the beach
              ・Canes slip on icy roads
              ・I have to leave a cane for a caregiver to climb the stairs
              ・I have to put down the canes to use the hands
            • One person.
              In order to expand the number of activities that can be done alone without the support of others, there is basically no one with me during activities.

              In order to increase my autonomy, there is hardly anyone with me to help me during my activities.
            • Current crutches are heavy and have only one rubber tip not suitable for different types of soil.
              She only needs one crutch to climb the stairs, she has to carry the second one.

            • Having both canes fixed to the body frees the arms/both hands, making it easier to perform activities using the hands while standing.
              For example, she can go up and down stairs without the help of others, or she can fix both canes to your body while working while standing.

            • somehow "6".

              She is 60% satisfied with the many things she can do now.
              She want to be able to carry out her activities more independently. She want to be able to go out when it rains. This will allow her to maintain her muscle strength by walking more.
          • ・Select the appropriate material for each ground condition
            ・Design: A design that takes into consideration that it is always attached to a cane. I want to make it feel like a user.

            • A device that holds both canes together and fixes them to the body or the ground
              ・Weight, size, something that doesn't get too big, but is stable and fixed.
              ・Stability, something that does not slip down when fixed to the body.
              ・Make something that takes advantage of the shape of the current cane.
          • Cane tip type :for wet floors, sand, frozen roads
            How to connect to the tip of the cane and how to replace it
            Attachment structure :magnet, plug-in type
            To put two sticks together
            How to move by sticking to the body

            Cane tip types:for wet ground, sand
            Fixing :magnet, plug-in type
            How to wear them
            • Pursuit of good drainage and slip resistance
              Improved diagonally to normally ground the cane diagonally

              Looking for good drainage and good slip resistance
              Improved orientation for anchoring kickstand diagonally
            • Cane tip with beautiful cherry blossom design
              Put a cane between the petals and fix it
              Also supports frozen road surfaces with attachments
              Cane tip with a beautiful cherry blossom pattern
              Used to secure the crutches between the petals
              Also supports frozen road surfaces with attachments
            • The bottom is round and wide so that the cane does not get buried on the sandy beach
              How sand falls down through holes
              The holes are shaped like cherry blossom petals!

            • Previously, one clutch was carried by a caregiver, or two were held together in one hand.
              She could hold it all together, but she had a lot of anxiety

          • The filament (TPU) used this time could not completely eliminate the slipperiness, but I would like to improve the quality by modeling with EPU by stereolithography.
            Aiming for Multifunctionality by Combining Multiple Ideas

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