[English] OCPC - Fab Delta Kit 1.6 [For FAB12]

Created Date: 2015-12-05/ updated date: 2018-04-06
    Owner & Collaborators
    This version is based on what we present as a workshop program in FAB12.
    日本語版 → http://fabble.cc/gakuhirota/ocpc-2
    OCPC stands for One CNC Per Child,
    which aims to be a platform which could change itself into every single CNC machine, in fairly low cost.
    Produced by Hiroya Tanaka Labratory, Keio University
    Draft by Tsuneo Masuda, Hiroya Tanaka
    Main Design by Gaku Hirota
    Collaboration with Ryosuke Wakasugi, Miyu Mochizuki, Sai Taoka, Osamu Yamamoto