Mendrel: the blooming rose

Created Date: 2024-02-11/ updated date: 2024-03-28
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Day 1:
Formed the team and interviewed the need-knowers to know more about the need-knower. we learned more about the difficulties faced by need-knowers. Branstormmed the list of solutions to the problem of the need-knowers. We generated five distinct concepts. We had the notion to make a phone holder, hand stretcher, paper holder, pen holder, and grip holder. Day 2:
We focused on designing the concepts mentioned on Day 1. Prototyping of the printed product was done after the design was 3-D printed using a 3-D printer. Day 3:
We tested the product and determined whether it was beneficial to the need-knower. took note of the need-knowers' comments.





          • Twelve-year-old Mindrel Sherab Seldon is a kind and caring child. She enjoys drawing, painting, and sketching. She attends lessons using the Function learning curriculum and studies at Changankha Middle Secondary School. 
          • She claims that one of her favorite subjects in school is ICT and that she enjoys typing. She claims to like spending time with her friends and is socially engaged with them, stating that her friends are there to support her.

          • Her issue first surfaced when she was just 15 months old. She has a strong mental foundation and sharp cognitive abilities. She could eat on her own without assistance. Her mother has always been at her side and helps her go to school. She also likes to use her phone to play games.
          • She has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) and has difficulty using her fine motor abilities.
          • She has weak grip strength, therefore her mother and instructor help her a lot. Due to a fine motor movement disorder, she was unable to regulate the uncontrollable movements of her hands.
          • 1. Phone Stand
            She requires a convenient and portable mobile holder because her impairment prevents her from holding her phone in the correct position. 

            2. Paper Holder
            Mendel enjoys looking at art. She struggles with fine motor skills, too, so this tool will make her work much easier.

            • Grip Holder: This grip holder will help her strengthen her weak gripping muscles and increase her comfort level when gripping.

            • Pen holder: She would be able to write and hold her writing instruments more comfortably with the aid of this pen holder.
            • Hand Stretcher:  If she doesn't extend her fingers and hand, her muscles will get more curved and she won't be able to stretch herself due to her lack of fine motor movement. Thus, this hand stretcher would benefit her in the long run by allowing her to stretch.
        • Team member and their roles:
          1. Miho Kumazama(Team Leader)
          2. Sonam Norbu(Team sub-Leader)
          3. Ryotaro Hayashi
          4. Dawa Drukpa(Sub documentation Leader)
          5. Ngawang Pemo Drukpa
          6. Kinley Penjor(presenter)
          7. Penjor Namgay Tamang(Documentation Leader)
          8. Tenzin Dorji(Technical Advisor)

            • The user must find the developed product comfortable.
            • The product needs to meet a minimum threshold for user satisfaction.
            • After the prototype is created, the user's feedback must be noted.
            • When designing, one must consider the time and resource availability.
              • We concentrated on creating a low-tech assistance for her.
              • We came up with easy solutions to meet her fundamental needs, such as making her comfortable to write and draw and giving her the right grip.
              • We want to provide grip holders, paper holders, cell phone holders, and hand stretchers.
              • Hand Stretcher: This tool facilitates correct hand stretching and offers long-term assistance. 
              • Materials Used: 3-D printer and TRF+H filament
              • Paper holder: it facilitates writing and drawing by allowing the user to hold the paper in place. 
                Materials Used: 3-D printer,PLA filament, wood and laser cutting machine
              • Grip Holder: It facilitates the user's ability to grasp objects comfortably and supports their grip. 
                Materials Used: 3-D printer and TPU filament
              • Pen Holder: It facilitates simple writing and sketching by allowing the user to hold the pen and pencil comfortably.
                Material Used: 3-D printer andTPU filament 
              • Mobile phone holder: It makes it possible for the user to hold the phone comfortably on their own without help. It enables trouble-free viewing for the user.
                Materials Used: Wood, Laser cutting machine and Super glue
              • uncomfortable writing in a school setting. To view films and movies on the phone, you must hold it. lacked the necessary grasp and support when writing. must provide support for her sketching and writing on the paper. 
              • She found it easier to write. She has found it to be comfortable. kept her posture correct while she was writing. assisted her in watching films and videos. 
                • She was at ease with the gadget.
                • able to do her duties with ease.
                • She thought the gadget would help her and enjoy it.
                • She was content.
              • will work on the body's lower regions;
              • Something to steady her legs
              • creating a portable keyboard for typing.
              • an improved hand stretcher.
              • Adjustable phone stand. 

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