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            • Currently a first year university student. he lives with his mothis, older sister, and grandparents.
              Congenital forearm defect. It takes about 50 minutes to commute to the university (30 minutes by train, 20 minutes on foot). 
            • In college he belongs to the literary circle. His hobbies include reading and writing novels, cooking, making sweets, and making bread. he prefers to read books rathis than e-books. he longs to read a book while holding a sling while commuting to school by train. 
            • His cooking and sweets are made when thise is something he wants to make or eat. His favorite food is pizza. he doesn't use his prosthetic hand when he cooks, he does it with one hand. When he goes out to eat, he likes to cut the steak hisself with the restaurant's knife and fork.
            • Congenital forearm defect. I usually use a decorative prosthesis. Life at home is often done without using prosthetic hands. Since it is congenital, there is no phantom limb pain and no abnormal sensations.
            •  The stump feels like a fingertip, and it is more stable to operate and work at a position close to the stump. The body tends to be left-right asymmetrical, and the muscles on the left side are difficult to develop overall. 
            • When using a decorative prosthesis, it is convenient to have the patient hold a toothbrush, but it is easier to remove the device and use the left stump instead of pressing paper. 
            • Because it is a decorative prosthetic hand, she can use her left hand to the extent that she can hold it, but it is difficult to use both hands practically.
            • ・Frequency: Make when there is something you want to make
              ・Situation: Do not use a prosthesis, fix something on the stump or hold a ball under the arm
            • ・Frequency: Using the train when commuting to school
              ・Situation: I can't read books or use my smartphone because I'm holding a strap with my right hand, so I have nothing to do but meditate. . .
            • ・It's not impossible, but it takes time. Things that change shape, such as peeling potatoes hard. Rather than fixing and assisting ingredients with the left hand, it is easier to control with the right hand. Therefore, he wanted to set the tools on his left hand.
            • ・Currently using a decorative prosthetic hand, it is difficult to use a strap with the left hand.
          • 【つり革】

              • ①包丁をレーザーに固定し、実際に玉ねぎを切ってみる





              • 【ステーキを切るために左の義手にナイフを固定】
              • ステーキを切るために、ナイフの固定方法、角度などを検討。




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