Fabble Tutorial for Makeathon_En

Created Date: 2023-04-12/ updated date: 2024-02-15
    Owner & Collaborators
    This section explains how to use Fabble.





          • Remember your username.
            Now give your project host your username and ask them to invite you as a collaborator on the project.
            If necessary, you can create groups and proceed as follows (usually skip).
            • If you create a group, you can edit the project by group. Also, as a collaborator (co-editor), you can grant editing privileges to group members in bulk.
              You can designate individual accounts as collaborators, but creating groups makes it easier to manage.
            • New groups can be created from your account settings page. A group name is required. After creating, add members from the bottom of the screen.
            • Projects that you manage are displayed on the "Project" and "Note" tabs on My Page, and projects that you are a collaborator on are displayed on the "Collaboration" tab.
              If the group is an administrator/collaborator, it will be displayed on the group page instead of My Page.
          • Click on your username to see a list of projects you've created and projects you've been invited to.
            When you are invited, there will be a number in "Collaborator", so click on it.
            Select the project to participate in and edit it with "Edit".
            • You can use other users' projects as follows.
              • Project tags can be freely added or changed by any user. You can now search by tag from the search box. It's great for series projects, organizing your work for an event, or for simple categorization.
              • You can add a project to your favorites by starring it. Pages added to your favorites here can be viewed on the "Favorite" tab of My Page. If you save a project that you are interested in as a favorite, it will be easier to find it later.
              • Anyone who is logged in can freely add comments.
                The producer should brush up the recipe by referring to the comments.
            • All of these settings can be changed later.
              • Write an overview of what you are creating. It is a good idea to include the tools and materials you use.
                The text entered here will be displayed in the headline.
              • All projects on Fabble are licensed under the Creative Commons License.
                Please select the type of license to apply.
              • If you select Private Project, it will not be viewable by other users.
                If unchecked, the project will be published from the moment it is created.
              • Sets the URL of the project page.
                You can freely change the URL entered by default.
            • A project consists of two description formats, Recipe and Memo.
              • The recipe describes the manufacturing process and the materials, tools, and blueprints required for it.
                The procedure written here may eventually be forked by others (creating something else based on something), and it may become the seed of a new project.
              • In Memo, you can write down the production process and production memos. His role in Memo is to document and share the stories behind making things.
                Write about why you decided to make this, what went well and what didn't go well, and share the time and decisions you make.
              • Of course, there is no problem with just Recipe or Memo.
                If working in a group, it might be easier to divide the work between the person doing the production and the person recording on her Fabble.
            • A recipe consists of a sequence of states that describe what the state of a thing is. The steps from one state to the next are described as Annotations.
              Or you can simply use State as the main heading and Annotation as the subheading.

              • If "material name", "tool name", and "blueprint data" appear in the description, use the markup tool and assign them to "Material", "Tool", and "Blueprint". Each file can be uploaded and linked. These are automatically listed at the top of the recipe.
              • State and Annotation have a character limit of 140 characters.
                In order to communicate effectively, it is a good idea to include images such as photos, screenshots, and YouTube videos in short sentences.
              • You can use decorations such as bold, italic, underline, links, and bullets in the text.
              • The order of States can be changed with the "Change Order" button.
                To convert between State and Annotation, use the "Convert to State" and "Convert to Annotation" buttons.
              • At the end of the recipe, write down how to use the product as Usage.
                It is effective to shoot a movie and post it.
              • Once you upload the movie file to your Youtube, select the 'Add Youtube Video' and Input the whole long URL of Youtube.
                Short URL is not acceptable.
            • You can use the memo freely. You can upload the status of production like a diary and write down the state of trial and error.
              The method of description is the same as State and Annotation, but there is no limit on the number of characters, so write as much as you want.
              Add Card Order



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