HoneycombBell 22S

Created Date: 2021-09-18/ updated date: 2022-02-26
    Owner & Collaborators
    HoneycombBell(ハニカムベル)は、六角形の連なり(ハニカム型)による光るタッチ式の鍵盤楽器です。 USB MIDIによるMIDI Keyboardとして機能します。
    なおこのたび 22S(22年春モデル)と称して、20Aをベースにして部分的に修正しました!  
    The HoneycombBell is a glowing touch keyboard instrument based on a series of hexagons (honeycomb shape). It works as a MIDI Keyboard via USB MIDI.
    It consists of 12 hexagons, each of which is an octave in length, arranged as a single block, and these blocks can be connected up, down, left, and right to expand the playing surface.
    The HoneycombBell is now available under the name of "22S" (2022 Spring model), which is based on the 20A!