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  • Small logsk8 top01
    Log SK8 project 檜の丸太から角材を切り出す際に出る辺材の部分を使い。 丸太の風合いそのままを活かしたスケボーを作る。 デッキがアスファルトにこすれるたびに飛び散る檜の皮とスメル。 ストリート バックトゥ ネイチャー!
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    since 933 days ago
  • Mqdefault
    R&D for designing directly on a ShopBot CNC milling machine with 1:1 projection of toolpaths on milling stock. Files:
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    since 852 days ago
  • Small srm 20long
    FabLab Kamakura has held CNC milling machine classes for beginners. This page is a summary of that class. In this tutorial you can learn how to make a simple circuit board with a LED. We expl...
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  • FabCam is the Browser-Based Integrated CAM for FabLab users. Our goals are (1) No PC for each Machine. Instead, we can use RasberryPi as a host for each machine (2) No USB for carrying CAD dat...
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    since 291 days ago
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