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  • Heat-retention cooking saves cooking fuel because after food has been heated to cooking temperature, it is placed into an insulated box where it will continue to cook until it is done. Retained...
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  • カルトグラム(統計地図、[英]cartogram)とは統計データに基づいて面積や距離を伸縮した地図のこと。ここではMacでの作り方を紹介します。たぶんWindows/Linuxでもある程度おなじ。
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  • Made of a piece of offcut. 端材から製作したもの。・・・Simple form appears like an objets d'art. シンプルな形はオブジェのようにも見える。・・・Originally it is designed for the 1st generation iPad, but is still useful for the latest i...
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