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  • Mqdefault
    FAB3D Contest Category 2
    If you own a cat, has he or she ever woke you up early in the morning to beg you for food? Or maybe you couldn't get home quite on time, so you had to make your pe...
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    since 848 days ago
  • This is an application to FAB 3D CONTEST 2016, CATEGORY 3, (Free Style) by Hiromasa Hayashi (
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    since 846 days ago
  • Small img 9871
    This project documents the development of an interactive art installation using Processing and computer vision, video projection and a fresnel lens sculpture to envision the life of a cyborg in...
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    since 1025 days ago
  • Small download
    Drying of fruits / vegetables / Papad in open sun is traditional method of preservation. Quality of open sun dried food products are always concern due to contamination of dirt, dis-colorat...
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    since 1345 days ago
  • Small images
    Please research about "YOSEGI." A yosegi is crafted with numerous colors of wood, arranged in peculiar patterns. This craft is practiced in Hakone (well known for a variety of trees). All mater...
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    since 684 days ago
  • I decided to make an at home planetarium using a regular light bulb and putting together several wood pieces.
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    since 593 days ago
  • Small 433
    Fab 3d contest 2017 's Application Title. " e-clips for Tetra-Cups " The "e-clips" Join togather plastic coffee cups to "Tetra-Cups". This "e-clips" should be prodused by 3d printer.
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  • Small 49d92e38 757b 4e4d a014 5bd094f54157
    ファブ3Dコンテスト2017 CATEGORY4出品のための造形 昨年度と同じく、より高所からの落下においても内容物(生卵)を衝撃から守る造形物を考案し、造形し実際に落下実験を行うまでのレポートを記載する。 This is a fabrication project for Fab 3D contest 2017 CATEGORY 4 exhibition. As in last ye...
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  • this is a test
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    since 133 days ago
  • test by hatahiroki
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    since 117 days ago
  • this is test
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    since 75 days ago
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