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    MRI x 3D Printer 慶應SFCの学生が、自分自身の脳を、その手でプリントする。 Printing the Brainは3Dプリンタを用いて人間の脳のモデルをプリントし、その視覚化を試みるプロジェクトです。 これらの研究は、脳をリアルタイムに可視化することを目標とし、将来的には神経活動のマッピングを目指しています。また自分の脳をそのままプリントアウトする為、医療への応用に...
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  • Small ihome03
    logFam tells you who's at home. This is when logFam becomes useful. 1. When you have to have someone receive the package 2. When you want to know if everyone is home before locking the ho...
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  • Small 01
    Project Idea website 01 : 02: 03:
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  • Small unnamed 2
    Fishing toys for young children made with razor cutter/paddock wood!
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  • Small class recipe
    As one way of realizing ideas using technology, we will explain how to use Sony's MESH. As objects are connected to sensors, it has become possible to realize ideas in ways that have not been possi...
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