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  • Small dscf0531
    Made of a piece of offcut. 端材から製作したもの。・・・Simple form appears like an objets d'art. シンプルな形はオブジェのようにも見える。・・・Originally it is designed for the 1st generation iPad, but is still useful for the latest i...
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  • Small minna cargo1920x1080
    みんなカーゴ”とは、 「北加賀屋みんなのうえん」の参加者の「みんな」の声を元に開発された、農作業用の腰掛け兼、道具箱です。農作業だけでなく、アイデア次第で何にでも使えます。 例えば、プランターとして使ったり、収穫した野菜を運んだり、おもちゃを片付けたり、使い方は「みんな」次第です。 “みんなカーゴ”の開発は「北加賀屋みんなのうえん」での話し合いを元に、現代美術家の國府理氏がデザインを考...
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  • Small image7
    How to make Wood "Hashioki(Chopsticks rest)".
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  • Small ht box
    Heat-retention cooking saves cooking fuel because after food has been heated to cooking temperature, it is placed into an insulated box where it will continue to cook until it is done. Retained...
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  • Small 2015 05 14 15 22 45
    A solar cooker is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurize food or drink. Because they use no fuel and cost nothing to operate, many nonprofit organizati...
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  • Small download
    Drying of fruits / vegetables / Papad in open sun is traditional method of preservation. Quality of open sun dried food products are always concern due to contamination of dirt, dis-colorat...
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  • Small s1
    Using solar energy for cooking and baking can reduce the unsustainable use of fuels such as fossil fuel or firewood. Solar oven which works on principle of parabolic type solar cooker has highly su...
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  • Box from 4mm and 6mm plywood
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  • Small hero
    Inspired by a great hanging dryer, but put off by high cost and long distance shipping, I decided to make my own, low-budget version. There are components that could be higher quality, and prices...
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  • Small last
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    since 819 days ago
  • Small small dsc 1126
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